DLLM: Resources

Languages and Scripts

Information about the languages and scripts found in the DLLM collection, including resources such as primers, dictionaries, grammars and other reference works, together with selected articles and links to further resources.

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Research Papers

Collected papers in Lao, Thai and English from the international conference The Literary Heritage of Laos: Preservation, Dissemination and Research Perspectives, held in Vientiane in January 2004, and other research papers.

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PLMP Newsletter

Digital copies of the 22 volumes of a Lao-language newsletter Khao bai lan published during the Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme, containing news from the various field sites where the survey and microfilming took place, together with short extracts from palm-leaf manuscripts which had been found in those locations.

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A gallery of photographs, mostly selected from a collection of some 23,000 taken during the course of the Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme. In addition to PLMP fieldwork such as manuscript preservation, the photographs reveal the social and cultural context of the project, including examples of Lao Buddhist temples, Buddha images and murals, village life, festivals, making palm-leaf manuscripts, and subsequent related fieldwork conducted in Northern Laos.

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Links to related websites, including online dictionaries and reference works for Pali and other languages, online resources for Buddhist texts in Pali and in translation, and links to universities and other institutes with relevant courses and programmes, etc.

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