Search Tips

On the Search the Database page, it is possible to search by Title, Ancillary Term, Language, Script, Category, Material, Location, and Date. Click the small triangle to the left of the main search option to reveal or to hide the selections. For each search option, more than one title, language etc., can be can be included in your search. If more than one title and more than one language is selected, for example, then the search will be for Title 1 or Title 2 in Language 1 or Language 2. That is, selecting many titles or languages, etc. from within any one search option will broaden the search, whereas selecting from different search options will narrow the search to only titles in a specific language, etc. If no selection is made, the default entry for all search options is ‘any.’ Options are available to restrict searches to show only illustrated texts and/or only texts with colophons.

The SITE SEARCH (available on all pages except the Search the Database page) can be used to search for any data appearing in the DLLM Database in addition to the static web pages. In addition, searching directly via Google in English or Lao will also yield results for titles or other data in the DLLM database.

On the Home page, the PLMP Code Number can be used to find individual texts (using the full 13-digit code) or bundles (using the first 11 digits of the code).
Click here to see more details of these entries and the DLLM inventory..